Monday, July 14, 2008

Keep on the Shadowfell 1

We are walking down the road to Winterhaven attempting to find our mentor, Dauven Staul. Tuck stopped in the middle of the road to investigate footprints. Baalethas wanders up ahead and sees reptilian creatures walking towards the group menacingly. Combat ensues.

We won the battle. Thee Halfling killed an enemy combatant without getting hit! Searched the bodies. Tuck got a sling, Ashara got 2 short swords and 1 dragon scale shield. Also got 34 silver pieces.

Party enters Winterhaven and goes to the inn.

Sylvana Rafton.

Tuck enquires about the whereabouts of Dauven.

Burial site SW of town.

Received map from Illiam.

Lord of Winterhaven Padric.

Head to burial site.

Enter into combat a little ways south of town.


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KristopherM said...

I'm ready.....maybe

KristopherM said...

I've never played dark sun, but I have plenty of experience with 3.5 and 4th ed.