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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Recruiting Dark Sun players

Dark Sun Lives!

I'm looking for six players for a regular (weekly or bi-weekly) 4th Edition D&D Dark Sun campaign. Dark Sun is a just-(re)released setting that's quite different from the standard fantasy fare; it's a harsh, gritty world of sand, blood and defiling magic. Newcomers to D&D are welcome. We will play somewhere in the Carbondale region at a time an place convenient for all. The first adventure will be the promo module, Bloodsand Arena, with pre-generated characters; players will have the option of making new characters after the adventure.

Nota Bene: This will be a serious, hardcore-roleplaying campaign in a harsh, unforgiving world. Only serious, dedicated roleplayers need apply, and I will be ruthless in-game and out. In-game: This is Dark Sun. Nothing is fair. Your characters WILL die, or worse, and you have to be able to handle that with aplomb. Out-of-game: I expect dedicated roleplaying and character development. If I don't think you can handle that, you won't be invited to play. If you are in the game and not living up to the standards, you will be kicked out of the campaign, with no apologies in either case. If means I have no players, then I won't play. (I may also run a more traditional D&D game that won't be so hardcore, if there's interest.)

This does not mean that you can never miss a session. We are all adults with busy lives, and I plan on having more players than we need to compensate for the inevitable absences. It does mean that you will need to put a reasonable amount of work into character development both in-game and between sessions.

Serious knowledge of 4th Edition (or any edition) Dungeons and Dragons is helpful but not required; newbies are welcome. Knowledge of the Dark Sun setting is actively discouraged. I will tell you what you need to know, and besides, my setting will be different enough from the published materials that such knowledge will be largely useless anyway (players that have been in my Dark Sun games before will be fine).

So who's ready for the fires of Dark Sun?
If you're interested, reply to this post with a paragraph answering two questions: 1) Why do you like roleplaying? 2) Why do you want to join this game?

Athas awaits! Are you ready?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

House Rule: Proxies

Inspired by Save My Game, I would like everyone to designate another player that they would like to play their character when they are absent from the game. Please do so in the comments to this post.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Realistic Healing Rates

I’m considering a new rule regarding natural healing rates. I’ve started a discussion at the D&D Forums. Take a look and see what you think, and post your thoughts there or here (here on the blog preferably, not ‘here’ on the mailing list).

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Critical Fumbles

On rolling a natural 1 on any attack roll, no damage is done, even if the attack would normally be a hit, no Miss effects occur, and the character is effectively Dazed; using a Move action restores the character to normal (and he can subsequently use the rest of his actions that turn normally). An Action Point may be used to grant this Move action.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Keep on the Shadowfell 1

We are walking down the road to Winterhaven attempting to find our mentor, Dauven Staul. Tuck stopped in the middle of the road to investigate footprints. Baalethas wanders up ahead and sees reptilian creatures walking towards the group menacingly. Combat ensues.

We won the battle. Thee Halfling killed an enemy combatant without getting hit! Searched the bodies. Tuck got a sling, Ashara got 2 short swords and 1 dragon scale shield. Also got 34 silver pieces.

Party enters Winterhaven and goes to the inn.

Sylvana Rafton.

Tuck enquires about the whereabouts of Dauven.

Burial site SW of town.

Received map from Illiam.

Lord of Winterhaven Padric.

Head to burial site.

Enter into combat a little ways south of town.